Traditional Bakery Supplier

Assorted Breads and Buns at Traditional Bakery Supplier – Copyright © 2014 Daniel Chia. All rights reserved.

Traditional Bakery Supplier 

Outlet Type: Bakery & Confectionery

Cuisine (Ethnicity/Dialect Group): Hainanese

Speciality/ies: Traditional White Loaf Bread, French Loaf.

Address: 10 Kim Keat Lane, S328867.

Telephone: 62533100

Website: NIL

Email: NIL

Short French Loaf and Cream Sandwich – Copyright © 2014 Daniel Chia. All rights reserved.

Outlet Description:

This bread foundry tucked away in Kim Keat Lane continues the fine tradition of making local brown and white loaves by hand. The aroma of freshly baked bread and the sight of row upon row of golden brown pillows sitting there waiting to be sliced and packed is just a beautiful sight.

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