Teck Neo Pineapple Tarts Shop

Teck Neo Pineapple Tarts – Copyright © 2014 Christopher Tan. All rights reserved.

Teck Neo Pineapple Tarts Shop 

Outlet Type: Bakery & Confectionery

Cuisine (Ethnicity/Dialect Group): Peranakan

Speciality/ies: Pineapple Tarts, Nyonya Kueh.

Local Address 1: 35 Telok Blangah Rise, #01-303, S090035.

Telephone: 62751330

Website: http://www.teckneotarts.com

Email: sales@teckneotarts.com

Tuesday – Sunday: (7:30am – 9:00pm)

Outlet Description:

Somewhat hidden away in a sleepy corner of Telok Blangah, this small Nyonya bakery, restaurant and catering outfit is known for its very popular (and at Chinese New Year, usually booked out weeks in advance) home-made pineapple tarts, available in open, mini and ‘golden pillow’ shapes. Try the kueh lapis and cookies too.



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