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Slow Food (Singapore) is the only Slow Food Convivium in Singapore officially authorised by the Slow Food International Association.

The authorisation to operate a local convivium in Singapore was received in June 2013 from Paolo DI CROCE, General Secretary of Slow Food International, and the 10 founding members started working to officially register the convivium.

Slow Food (Singapore) submitted its application to the Singapore Registry of Societies on 8th July 2013 and was registered as a Non-profit Community Organisation on 30th October 2013.

The objectives of the Slow Food (Singapore) as stated in our constitution are:

  1. to promote the philosophy of Slow Food International Association;
  2. to develop around itself a local network of individuals who share the principles of Slow Food and work for their diffusion; this network is the local community of Slow Food;
  3. to extend the Slow Food International Association’s organizational presence by recruiting more members;
  4. to establish relationships and collaborations with public bodies, gastronomic associations, protective consortia, producer associations and communication media, in order to contribute to the development of sustainable food systems and awareness about food production;
  5. to collaborate with other associations or entities for the protection of the environment and respect for nature, a necessary condition for the safeguarding of gastronomic heritage, as well as the defence and the promotion of traditional knowledge and diverse forms of popular culture;
  6. to establish and maintain collaborative and convivial relationships with other Slow Food Convivia; and
  7. to implement activities of promotion and support for the Slow Food International Association’s international and national projects and programs.

In order to fulfill the above objectives, the Constitution of Slow Food (Singapore) allows the society to:

To have all such other objects and to do all such other things as are complementary or incidental to the attainment of the foregoing objects, or any of them and particularly as follows:

(1)  prepare, publish and disseminate such books, periodicals, pamphlets, photos, articles and drawings as well as produce such films, videos and recordings in whatever form, electronic or otherwise, as may be necessary or relevant to educate its members and the public;

(2)  organise meals, tastings, forums, talks, seminars, lectures, shows, recreational and study trips and other like events, so as to help educate its members and the public;

(3)  do all things and engage in such lawful activities as are necessary to achieve its objects, including maintaining its offices, owning/managing of property real or personal, entering into agreements and contracts, signing and executing deeds and undertaking or executing any representation or trust, as well as employing persons and terminating their services.

The affairs of Slow Food (Singapore) are managed by the Executive Committee that is elected every 4 years at a Convivium Congress held during the Annual General Meeting.

Slow Food (Singapore)
2nd Executive Committee
Term of Office ending 31st March 2022

President/Convivium Leader

Ms. Anne LOH

Vice-President/Deputy Convivium Leader

 Ms. XIE Hui Qun

Honorary Secretary

Ms. YEONG Kar Yan

Honorary Treasurer

 Ms. Nicola LEE

Executive Committee Members  

Ms. Marise LEE

Mr. Christopher TAN

The Slow Food (Singapore) Council consists of all members of the Executive Committee, the chairpersons of each Interest Group and Committee, and other members of good standing that have been co-opted by the Executive Committee.