Ban Heng Air-conditioned Restaurant

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Year Established: 1972

Outlet Type: Restaurant

Cuisine (Ethnicity/Dialect Group): Teochew

Speciality/ies: *

Local Address: 22 Boon Keng Road, #01-21, Singapore 330022

Telephone: 6291 0407



Copyright © 2016 Xie Huiqun. All rights reserved.

Outlet Description:

Established in 1972 at Boon Keng, Ban Heng has over forty years of experience in traditional Teochew and Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant group now has five outlets island wide and offers buffet, wedding and catering services. The original Ban Heng@ Boon Keng outlet specialises in Teochew cold crab and Buddha Jump over the Wall. The restaurant has been recently renovated for a modern feel and can accommodate up to 160 people. And we hear they still adhere to their old policy of No Service Charge.