Beng Hiang

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Year Established: 1978

Outlet Type: Restaurant

Cuisine (Ethnicity/Dialect Group): Hokkien

Speciality/ies: Hokkien Fried Noodles.

Local Address: 35 Jurong Gateway Road, #02-337, Singapore 600135

Telephone: 6221 6695


Email: NIL

Copyright © 2016 Nicola Lee. All rights reserved.

Outlet Description:

Established since 1978, Beng Hiang is one of Singapore’s favourite Hokkien restaurants. It moved from Amoy Street to Jurong, but the menu and retro restaurant feel remain unchanged. Recommended dishes are aplenty here, including the chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, charcoal-roasted suckling pig, steamed bread with Hokkien braised pork trotters & yam, and traditional Hokkien noodles.