Goldhill Hakka Restaurant (1997)

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Year Established: 1940s

Outlet Type: Restaurant

Cuisine (Ethnicity/Dialect Group): Hakka

Speciality/ies: Abacus Beads, Yong Tau Fu, Steamed La-la (Manila Clams).

Local Address: 299A Changi Road,  Singapore 419777

Telephone: 6842 4283

Website: NIL

Email: NIL

Copyright © 2016 Yeong Kar Yan. All rights reserved.

Outlet Description:

Offering just six dishes on the menu, Goldhill Hakka Restaurant sees a constant stream of diners.  Traditional yong tau fu (a mixed selection of seven types are in each order) together with Abacus Seeds remain their most popular dishes. The Lee family started off as a pushcart stall before moving to proper premises in the 1970s, and are very proud of their heritage. All handmade, their yong tau fu is still made in the traditional way using the meat from ikan parang.  This simple but charming restaurant is located along Changi Road, so give yourself time to find a car park lot if you are driving.