Hung Kang Restaurant


Year Established: [text* text-254]

Outlet Type: Restaurant

Cuisine (Ethnicity/Dialect Group): Teochew

Speciality/ies: Cold Crabs, Braised Goose, Oyster Omellette and Steamed Pomfret.

Local Address: 28 North Canal Road, Singapore 059284.

Telephone: 6533 5300



Outlet Description: 

Opened by a group of Teochew businessmen yearning for their hometown cuisine in 1962, Hung Kang Teochew Restaurant has served the Teochew community since then with authentic dishes which emphasise fresh and natural flavours. Its signature dishes include the steamboat with pomfret and yam (which is listed in the fish section of the menu), Teochew raw fish, cold crab, suckling pig (pre-order necessary), braised duck meat and oyster omelette. The fresh, plump oysters can be enjoyed in a porridge as well. The quintessential warm orh nee (yam paste) dessert is served with gingko nut and pumpkin.