Plum Village Restaurant

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Year Established: 1983

Outlet Type: Restaurant

Cuisine (Ethnicity/Dialect Group): Hakka

Speciality/ies: Salted Vegetables with Pork, Hakka Yong Tau Fou, Abacus Beads, Fried Prawns with Hakka Wine.

Local Address: 16 Jalan Leban,  Singapore 577554

Telephone: 6458 9005



Copyright © 2016 Daniel Chia. All rights reserved.

Outlet Description:

Established in 1983 by Mr Lai Fak Nian, a true-blue Hakka, Plum Village is an authentic Hakka restaurant offering a comprehensive menu. The small family eatery located off Upper Thomson Road continues to prepare their dishes from scratch. Some of their robust signatures include hearty stir-fried yam abacus with minced pork, mushrooms and dried shrimps, and Hakka yong tau fu. Other typical Hakka dishes served include salted vegetables with pork belly , Hakka salt baked chicken and fried prawns in rice wine.