As a member of Slow Food International you receive the following benefits:

  • a personal membership card
  • the Slow Food Companion in electronic format (upon first joining)
  • the annual Slow Food Almanac in electronic format
  • a bi-monthly electronic international newsletter
  • a national (Singapore) newsletter, where available
  • the opportunity to take part in initiatives organized around the world (often with discounted tickets)
  • discounts on the costs of books and merchandise

Come Join Us:

Come and join us in the various programs that we will be organising, to learn, and to share through talks, seminars, events, meals and other convivial activities.

Joining Us Is Easy:

Step 1:

Choosing your Annual Membership:

It’s simple! Just choose/click one of the Slow Food membership options below:
(Clicking on the Select Membership will lead you to the Slow Food International Membership Website)


This class of membership is open to anyone.

  • Individual Membership (1 Year): € 35.00  
  • Individual Membership (1 Year) – Couple Option: € 45.00 – An option for shared households
  • Individual Membership (3 Years): € 90.00
  • Individual Membership (3 Years) – Couple Option: € 120.00 – An option for shared households


This class of membership is for those who wish to contribute more than the suggested amount. This extra amount goes to funding projects and Programs run directly by Slow Food International.

  • Sustainer Membership (1 Year): € 100.00
  • Sustainer Membership (1 Year) – Couple Option: € 110.00 – An option for shared households


A class of memberships with a reduced price open to any individual between the ages of sixteen (16) years and twenty (20) years, or, to any full-time student, in any Singapore-based educational institution, between the ages of twenty-one (21) years and thirty (30) years.

  • Young Membership (1 Year): € 5.00 
  • Young Couple Membership (1 Year):  € 15.00 – An option for shared households


This class of membership is made available to members who cannot afford Individual Membership.

  • Basic Membership (1 Year): € 5.00 
  • Basic Membership (2 Years): € 10.00

Click Here to Select Membership

Slow Food’s International Service Centre will send you an email acknowledging/confirming your membership.

Step 2:

  • AFTER you’ve received the acknowledgement email from Slow Food International Service Centre, forward that email to:

Step 3:

  • Complete our Local Registration Form at the bottom of this page.
  • We will send you an acknowledgement email after we have received your Local Membership Registration Form and have confirmed your membership with Slow Food International.

What about my Slow Food Membership Card?

  • Your membership card will be issued by Slow Food International Service Centre in Italy and will take several weeks to arrive by snail mail to your registered address.

No Credit Card?

  1. Download Form A.
  2. Fill in and send to us by snail mail along with a crossed cheque made payable to “Slow Food (Singapore)”, for the Membership Fees of Slow Food International.
  3. If you would like to make an additional donation to Slow Food (Singapore), you may include the donation on the same cheque.
  4. We will send you an acknowledgement email when we receive your application and payment.
  5. You will receive an an email from Slow Food International Service Centre confirming your membership when we have processed your application with them.
  6. Your membership card will be issued by Slow Food International and will take several weeks to arrive by snail mail to your registered address.

Snail Mail Address:

Slow Food (Singapore)
PO Box 146, Bras Basah Post Office,
Singapore 911805.
Republic of Singapore.

Membership Enquiries:

Constitution of Slow Food (Singapore)

Available HERE

Kindly DOWNLOAD and READ before you send in your membership application.

Local Membership Registration Form

Registration for Local Membership to Slow Food (Singapore) is for existing paid-up members of Slow Food International Association.

Kindly ensure that you have forwarded your Membership Acknowledgement email from Slow Food International to before submitting this Online Local Membership Registration Form.

If you are not currently a member of the Slow Food International Association, kindly click HERE to apply for Membership with Slow Food International Association before filling in this Local Membership Registration Form.

Kindly note that Slow Food International members for Singapore who do not register locally, cannot be officially recognised as registered members of the local Convivium, Slow Food (Singapore), and are not entitled to any privileges and rights that locally registered members may enjoy.

Thank you.

    Full Name (Family Name in CAPS):


    Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY):

    Residency Status:

    Singapore CitizenPermanent ResidentEmployment Pass HolderS-Pass HolderWork Permit HolderStudent Pass HolderDependant Pass HolderOthers

    Local Address (Block/Building/House Number & Street Name):

    Local Address (Floor/Unit No. & Building Name, if any):

    Postal Code:

    Local Telephone Number:

    Email Address:



    Membership Type:

    Individual MemberSustainer MemberBasic MemberYoung Member

    Membership Number (if you already have one):

    How did you find out about us:


    By submitting this Local Membership Registration Form, I declare that I agree with all the principles of Slow Food International Association and the articles of the Constitution of Slow Food (Singapore). Furthermore, in accordance to Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (2012) and Italian legislative decree no. 196/03, I grant permission for the use of my personal information for the purposes and activities of Slow Food (Singapore) and Slow Food International Association.


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