The Asian Wine Lexicon Fold-out Chart

The Asian Wine Lexicon Fold-out Chart helps users to “translate” wine descriptors into terms that are more recognisable in Asia.

The Asian Wine Lexicon Fold-out Chart is designed to be easy to use and understand.

Key features:

  1. 20 key international wine styles.

  2. Asian Descriptors

  3. Conventional Descriptors (as comparison)

  4. Each wine style is matched with dishes from major Asian cuisines.

  5. Graphic Scale indicating levels of:

    • Intensity

    • Sweetness

    • Acidity

    • Body

    • Tannin

  6. Easy to understand!

Purchasing this product helps to support Slow Food (Singapore) to promote and preserve Singapore’s Food Cultural Heritage.


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AWL Chart
The Asian Wine Lexicon Fold-out Chart – ISBN: 9810789732


The wine world at large has always used Western descriptors when talking about and describing wines.  However, many people living in Asia do not know many of these descriptors, as they may not have been exposed to items like Bramble Bushes, Violets, Quince, or even more commonplace items like Raspberries and Blackberries (the fruit and not the smartphone…).

The Asian Wine Lexicon is a project to “translate” some of these descriptors into terms that are more recognisable in Asia.

The Asian Wine Lexicon Team got together in 2006 to develop this lexicon, after each had been individually using these descriptors for over a period of 10 years in various environments.

This new lexicon has since been used in wine reviews in various magazines, newspapers, in formal education environments at the post-secondary and undergraduate levels, and most recently, on Twitter.


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