The programs planned by Slow Food (Singapore) are mainly aimed at promoting and preserving Singapore’s Food Cultural Heritage.

Programs are implemented after being approved by the Executive Committee and are managed by members who are interested in running specific aspects of each program.

Each Program will have an Program Chair who will be elected by or nominated by the Executive Committee and have a term of office for the duration of the Program.

Heritage Heroes Program

This program aims to highlight food businesses in various categories that are maintaining the cuisines and dishes of Singapore’s early immigrant groups.

Food businesses that have been producing cuisines and dishes that are considered to be traditional or fast disappearing are awarded the Slow Food (Singapore) title of Heritage Hero.

The inaugural Heritage Heroes 2014 aims to recognise the local bakeries and confectioneries that continue to produce and promote traditional cakes, pastries and kuehs from our various cultures.

Building up from the list of awarded bakeries and confectioneries from 2014 and 2015, the 3rd edition, Heritage Heroes 2016, aims to recognise heritage restaurants in Singapore that have been serving traditional dishes to their communities for more than 30 years.

Registered members of Slow Food (Singapore) may look forward to activities related to our Heritage Heroes on our Events Registration page.

Kueh Appreciation Day

As part of Slow Food (Singapore)’s drive to build awareness and deepen appreciation of our local food, talents and culinary heritage, Slow Food (Singapore) presented Kueh Appreciation Day 2015 to highlight traditional kueh from the various ethnic and dialect groups to showcase their traditional handmade kueh and to demonstrate the methods of cooking used to produce these kueh. The focus was on some of Slow Food (Singapore)’s celebrated Heritage Heroes who are the faces behind the culinary traditions that we hold dear.

Kueh Appreciation Day 2015 was organised as part of the Singapore Food Festival 2015 presented by the Singapore Tourism Board.

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