Since becoming operational in 30th October 2013, Slow Food (Singapore) has been active in the following areas:


Research and Advocacy

Heritage Heroes Awards

Slow Food (Singapore) on Saturday, 9th August 2014, launched a Recognition Programme awarding 34 Heritage Bakeries and Confectioneries who continue to produce and promote traditional cakes, pastries and kuehs from our various cultures.

In the first year, vendors in the Bakeries & Confectionaries category were awarded. Most vendors were pleased at being recognized for their contribution to preserving local food culture and heritage.

With the exception of a few vendors, who preferred not to be included in the program, 34 HH vendors display their HH certificates with pride.

The Heritage Heroes (HH) 2014 program itself was met with moderate success, but the after-effect of the program was the increased awareness of Slow Food as a movement, and Slow Food (Singapore) as an active local player in the overall movement to preserve Singapore’s Food Heritage.

This program, with the exposure on the various media platforms, led to many follow-up engagements we in 2014 and 2015.

Heritage Heroes 2015 continues to recognize heritage Bakeries and Confectioneries, and was launched on 10th December 2105, Terra Madre Day.

Heritage Heroes 2016 will be launched in May 2016, and will be expanded to include Heritage Restaurants which are 30 years and older, and are serving traditional local cuisines.


Singapore Food Memories Programme

Slow Food (Singapore) planned an Essay Writing Competition open to students from secondary schools and institutes of higher learning.

Essays were to be based on food memories of contestants’ relatives who lived in Singapore and centered on the foods that were prepared, cooked and eaten during festivals celebrated in Singapore from the period of 1945 to 1995.

The aim was to collect the essays as a form of Oral History, which could then be used for record and for academic purposes.

It was planned that an anthology of selected essays will be printed and titled; “Singapore Food Memories – An Anthology of Essays on Celebrating Festivals and Feasts in Singapore from 1945 to 1995”.

However, no entries were received, so the program was suspended.



Balastier Makan Heritage Race 2015

On Saturday, 4th July 2015, in partnership with Web In Travel (WIT), Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park, Society of Tour Guides Singapore, Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall and other stakeholders, Slow Food (Singapore) was the co-organiser of the “Balestier Makan Heritage Race”, an “Amazing Race” type event centred on Food Heritage in the Balestier District.

There were 141 participants and the event raised $13,600 for the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home.

Kueh Appreciation Day

Slow Food (Singapore) organised its inaugural “Kueh Appreciation Day” on Sunday, 26th July 2015 at the ToTT Store on Dunearn Road. The event showcased hand-made local kueh from the various cultures in Singapore and included 3 kueh-making demonstration classes.

This was a partner event of the Singapore Food Festival 2015 organised by the Singapore Tourism Board.

The event was covered by more than 30 local and regional media outlets, and was attended by more than 400 people, with 180 attending the classes.

We look forward to working with the Singapore Tourism Board to present Kueh Appreciation Day as a key event for the Singapore Food Festival in 2016 and beyond.


Public Outreach

Lectures, workshops and tours conducted upon request:

Yale-NUS College – Week 7 Program

On 28th September 2014, Slow Food (Singapore) organised for the Yale-NUS College Week 7 Project on Singapore Foodways, a visit to Heritage Hero HarriAnn’s Delights.

The participating freshmen were introduced to the history and culture of Nyonya Kueh. As part of their visit, they were treated to a demonstration on kueh making and were given the opportunity to make their own Ondeh Ondeh. Later the same day, Slow Food conducted a lively and interactive workshop to discuss “Preserving Singapore’ Food Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century”.

24 undergraduate freshmen and 3 faculty members attended the visit and workshop.

Temasek Polytechnic – Contemporary Special Interest Tourism Lecture

On 1st December 2014, our president conducted a lecture on Food Heritage Tourism to 160 students from the 3rd year of the Hospitality & Tourism Management course at Temasek Polytechnic.

At the Museum!

On 31st January 2015, Slow Food (Singapore) presented at the       National Museum of Singapore, as part of their  “A Lighter Side of History” series, a talk titled, “Preserving   Singapore’s Food Heritage in the 21st Century” and a  demonstration of a traditional “lo hei” by Master Chef Hooi Kok Wai of Dragon Phoenix Restaurant, one of the creators of Singapore’s Yu Sheng. 160 people attended the event.


Representation in the Public Arena:

Food & Hotel Asia 2014

Convivium Leader Daniel CHIA was invited by the Italian Trade Commissioner to make a presentation and to contribute to the FHA 2014 Italian Pavilion Booklet.

The presentation was a seminar on Italian Cheeses, which included an introduction to the work done by Slow Food International to preserve and promote Italian Food Products and Culture through the Presidia products, and to introduce Slow Food (Singapore), its aims and programs for Singapore. The presentation was made during the pre-FHA Seminar on 25th March 2014.

Singapore Writer’s Festival 2014

On 2nd November 2014, Convivium Leader Daniel CHIA was the Moderator for the Panel Discussion on “The future of our culinary scene” at the Singapore Writers Festival 2014 organised by the National Arts Council.

NEA Clean & Green Hackathon 2014

On 15th November 2014, Convivium Leader Daniel CHIA was a Mentor for teams taking part in the segment on “Smart Hawker Centres” during the Clean & Green Singapore Hackathon 2014 organised by the National Environment Agency (NEA). 

Singapore Management University

In May 2015, Convivium Leader Daniel CHIA was a collaborator at the Co-creation Workshop “Let’s Reduce Plate Waste in Singapore – Towards a Zero Food Waste Nation” organised by Singapore Management University’s Masters in Tri-Sector Collaboration programme. The co-creation workshop was attended by, 60 people, from various sectors including government bodies, NGOs, and the private sector.

Maritime Stewardship Council Asia Pacific Sustainable Seafood Business Forum 2015

On 5th June 2015, Convivium Leader Daniel CHIA attended the Forum and was interviewed for comments about MSC’s initiatives.

National Youth Council

On 25thJune 2015, Convivium Leader Daniel CHIA was a Panellist for the National Youth Council’s “YouthSpeak Panel on Food Security & Food Waste”. Attendance at the panel discussion was 60 people.

Jetstar Celebrates SG50

In August 2015, Jetstar Airways celebrated Singapore’s 50th National Day by featuring 50 Singaporeans from different walks of life by painting their faces on one of their A310 airliners. Convivium Leader Daniel Chia was one of the 50 people featured and painted on the airplane.


Feature in Publications            

Social Studies 2016 Express and Normal (Academic) Stream Coursebook”

Published by the Curriculum Planning and Development Division of Singapore’s Ministry of Education, this is the new Social Studies Coursebook for upper (year 9 and 10) secondary school students in Singapore. The international Slow Food movement, Slow Food in Singapore,  and its Heritage Heroes Program was highlighted as showcasing Singapore’s traditional food culture and celebrating hand-made heritage treats.

Events for Members

Inaugural Annual General Meeting

Slow Food (Singapore) held its Inaugural General Meeting on   Saturday, 15th March 2014.  The 1st Executive Committee was confirmed during this meeting, and a proposed Program for 2014 was discussed.

Slow Food Day 2014

Slow Food (Singapore) celebrated Slow Food Day 2014 on Sunday, 25th May 2014, with a Heritage Potluck Dinner at the residence of   the Convivium Leader. 11 members contributed many local and heritage dishes the potluck dinner, with many of the items being homemade or self-cooked.

 1st Anniversary Dinner

On 30th October 2014, Slow Food (Singapore) celebrated it first anniversary with an intimate dinner at the historic Spring Court Restaurant in Chinatown. 11 members attended and enjoyed the dinner, which featured Spring Court classics.

Terra Madre Day 2014 – Heritage Heroes Trail

On 6th December 2014, a group of 9 members celebrated Terra Madre Day 2014 by visiting 2 of our Heritage Heroes, Poh Guan Cake House and Thye Moh Chan.

“Slow Hei” and Lunar New Year Dinner 2015

Slow Food (Singapore) celebrated the Lunar New Year of the Goat with a traditional toss of “The Original Yu Sheng” and a sumptuous dinner at Dragon Phoenix Restaurant operated by Masterchef Hooi Kok Wai who is recognised as being one of the four original Masterchefs in Singapore who created the “Original Singapore Yu Sheng“. 10 members attended.

Slow Food Day 2015 – Dim Sum Brunch

Slow Food (Singapore) celebrated Slow Food Day 2015 on Sunday, 24th May 2015, with a Dim Sum Brunch at the old-school heritage Red Star Restaurant. 20 members and their guests enjoyed the 1970s atmosphere and traditional taste of the Dim Sum dishes that are well known to Red Star Restaurant.

 2nd Annual General Meeting & Dinner

Slow Food (Singapore) held its 2nd Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 27th June 2015.  The activities for the previous work-year were shared with the membership and Auditors for the next work-year were appointed. Dinner was held at Manhill Restaurant, known for its classic Cantonese dishes and paper-wrapped chicken.

Hungry Ghost Festival Auction Dinner

Members of Slow Food (Singapore) partook in the cultural experience of attending a Hungry Ghost Festival Auction Dinner on Sunday, 30th August 2015. Held under a large marquee at Lorong 7 Toa Payoh. It was certainly a festive and lively occasion enjoyed by 7 members and guests who had attended.

 2nd Anniversary Dinner

The 2nd Anniversary Dinner was held on 30th October 2015 at Hua Yu Wee Restaurant, where 9 members enjoyed old-school Singapore Seafood dishes with a selection of wines, at the last remaining seafood restaurant on what used to be a stretch of seafood restaurants situated by the seaside.